Aviaries & Aquariums for Healthcare

Serenity aviary in a nursing home

Nursing Homes

Serenity Aquariums and Aviaries are very popular in nursing homes. The pleasant views of our exotic fish and cheerful birds provide many benefits to residents, especially in memory care units.

Our all-inclusive maintenance and cleaning services make it easy for any care facility to add an elegant aquarium or bird cage.

Serenity aquarium in a dentist office lobby

Dentist Offices

Add to your office’s ambiance with a Serenity Aquarium or Aviary. Fish tanks and bird cages are wonderful features that make waiting at the dentist more enjoyable and can even relax people before their appointment.

With our aquarium and aviary service packages, we regularly clean and maintain all our fish tanks and bird cages. Maintaining a healthy environment takes time, and we won’t tie up your staff with those responsibilities.

Serenity aquarium in a medical clinic lobby

Doctors Offices

Serenity Aquariums and Aviaries are a popular addition in clinics and doctor’s offices. Aside from their beautiful views, fish tanks and bird cages are linked to health benefits like decreased anxiety, pain, and stress.

Serenity is the only nationwide service provider for fish tanks and bird cages. We offer routine cleaning and maintenance on all our units. This way, your view stays clear, your animals stay healthy, and your staff can stay focused on providing exceptional care.

Serenity aquarium in a medical waiting room


Serenity Aviaries and Aquariums are exceptional decorative pieces in hospitals. Their stunning views provide relaxing entertainment as patients wait for their appointment.

We offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance visits for our bird cages and fish tanks. Serenity is the only company in the US to offer this service nationwide, so it’s never been easier to have a large, elaborate aquarium or aviary.


Assisted Living Communities

Serenity Aquariums and Aviaries are a popular addition in assisted living communities. Fish tanks and bird aviaries look beautiful in any setting, but they’re also known to offer mental and physical benefits to those observing them.

We provide routine cleaning services for all our aquariums and aviaries. This lets your residents enjoy these animals, while you and your staff stay focused on providing the best possible care.

Serenity Bird Aviary

Retirement Homes

What are the benefits of Serenity Aviaries and Aquariums in retirement homes? Their stunning views provide relaxing entertainment, which can be a great addition to a communal area, cafeteria, and more.

Our comprehensive cleaning services make aviaries and aquariums almost hassle-free. Serenity is the only nationwide service provider in the US, so it’s never been easier to have a large, elaborate aquarium or aviary.

Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services Aquarium Beautiful

Funeral Homes

Serenity Aquariums and Aviaries are great additions for funeral homes. Their exceptional views enhance the interior decor of funeral homes. Plus, they emit calming stimuli into the environment and promote positive mental wellbeing.

Your staff won’t have to clean or maintain it, either. We offer routine services on all our aquariums and aviaries. We’ll keep your unit clean, your animals stay healthy, and you can stay focused on more important tasks.

Aquariums and Aviaries in Healthcare

Are you providing relaxing and engaging activities for your nursing home residents?

Does your hospital offer a comforting waiting area for patients?

Many of our customers requested Serenity Aquariums and Aviaries specifically for these reasons.

Simply put, active bird cages and fish tanks are pleasant distractions for patients in waiting rooms and create engaging activities for residents in long-term care.

So it’s no wonder why, week after week, we get calls from administrators and private practices across the country, wanting a Serenity Aviary or Aquarium.

What benefits can healthcare professionals expect from a large fish tank or bird cage? We briefly touch on it here, but you can find more information by selecting your business type above.

Relaxation from Bird Cages and Fish Tanks

How have you created a relaxing environment? Our elegant aviaries and aquariums can create, or add to that kind of atmosphere.

Nursing homes, memory-care units, and retirement homes use our bird cages and fish tanks for both decoration and therapy. They are extraordinary to look at and relax and engage residents and staff alike.

In a hospital waiting room, for example, listening to bird songs and watching peaceful fish are calming ways to pass the time. Patients tend to be more engaged and intrigued by these real-life animals, compared to magazines or TV.

Therapy Through Aquariums and Aviaries

Designing a comforting environment is key for healthcare companies. As our clients found out, fish tanks and bird cages play an important role in achieving that.

The beauty of these units is that they’re more than decorative pieces. Hospitals, dentists, and long-term care units take advantage of their therapeutic effects as well.

In a dentist’s office, watching the leisurely moving fish can relax patients waiting for their appointment. In nursing homes, focusing on these fish offers a form of therapy. It can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and encourage conversations, among other health benefits.

A Custom Design for your Space

Each aviary and aquarium is hand-crafted by our sister companies, Custom Cages, and Custom Aquariums. They are the leading manufacturers of build-to-order bird cages and fish tanks in the US, respectively. Each unit is built from scratch in our state-of-the-art factory and delivered to you.

You may customize the size, materials, and colors of the unit to match your décor. You may also choose a scenic background and additional accessories for the inside of your aquarium or aviary.

Then, you’ll receive a collection of exotic birds or fish to inhabit it.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Constantly cleaning and maintaining a bird cage or fish tank is a major distraction.

So, we take care of it for you.

Our service packages include routine cleaning and maintenance along with regular health checks for your animals. This service gives your staff, patients, or residents a crystal-clear view, without the extra work.

We offer free delivery and installation for our world-class aviaries and aquariums. So, you’ll get the unit, exotic animals, supplies, and regular service visits, all for a low monthly fee and no up-front cost!

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