Aquariums for Retirement Homes

Have you ever considered getting an aquarium for your retirement home?

It may provide a boost to your decor, but an aquarium offers much more than aesthetics.

What are the benefits of aquariums for retirement homes? How can you get a beautiful aquarium without the hassle? Read further to find out!

Benefits of Aquariums for Retirement Homes

Serenity Aquariums are very popular in long-term care facilities.

Studies have shown that exposure to an aquarium can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, boost creativity, and induce relaxation, among other calming stimuli.

Even though retirement homes require less extensive care for residents, an aquarium is still very beneficial. From a decorative perspective, a vibrant fish tank in a prominent area can speak to the quality of your community.

In other words, an aquarium isn’t a necessity, but it’s a decoration often associated with a sense of prosperity, which is great for attracting new members. Then, when these members elect to stay in your community, they’ll reap the health benefits of your Serenity Aquarium.

Customize an Aquarium for your Retirement Home

All our aquariums are crafted by our sister company, Custom Aquariums. Each fish tank is built-to-order, so you can tailor your design to perfectly match your current interior.

You can decide on the overall size, dimensions, materials, colors, and underwater decor. Looking to get even more personalized? You can get a laser-etching of your logo, community name, or any other text you’d like in the tank. You can also select a scenic background image from our list, or you can request a custom backdrop.

Plus, we’ll provide you with a collection of freshwater fish, along with an adequate supply of fish food, at no additional charge.

Hassle-Free Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium can be an exceptional decoration that pleases residents, staff, and visitors, alike.

But what if that tank is dirty and covered in algae? An aquarium like this may not have the same alluring effect.

That’s why we offer aquarium cleaning and maintenance for all our retirement home clients. Not only will your staff be free of time-consuming maintenance, but we’ll make sure your aquarium is consistently clean and in good working order.

What are the Costs of a Serenity Aquarium

It may be more affordable than you think! You’ll get a spacious aquarium, a full suite of equipment, decor, fish, food replenishment, and expert routine services for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.

So, while some providers charge their clients thousands upfront, you can keep that money in your pocket.

If you’re interested in a new fish tank, reach out today! With your help, we’ll configure the perfect aquarium for your retirement home.

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