Aquariums for Retirement Homes

Have you ever considered getting an aquarium for your retirement home?

A fish tank can definitely enhance your decor, but these captivating displays offer more than aesthetics.

Benefits of Retirement Home Aquariums

Studies show that exposure to an aquarium creates a number of physical and mental benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases stress
  • Boosts creativity
  • Induces relaxation
  • Improves sleep

Placing this display in a communal area is a way to offer residents relaxation and engagement with other community members.

From a decorative perspective, a clean fish tank speaks to the quality and culture of your retirement home (especially to potential residents).

Customize an Aquarium for your Retirement Home

Our sister company, Custom Aquariums, manufactures all of our fish tanks. Each fish tank is built-to-order, so you can tailor a design that matches your interior.

Plus, we provide a collection of freshwater fish and an adequate supply of fish food at no additional charge.

Hassle-Free Aquarium Maintenance

An aquarium can be an exceptional decoration that pleases residents, staff, and visitors, alike.

But if a fish tank is constantly dirty, it won’t have the same effect.

That’s why we offer aquarium cleaning services for each retirement home.

Not only will your staff be free of time-consuming maintenance, but your aquarium will be much cleaner for longer.

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