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We offer a range of options depending on the size of your indoor aviary, the preferred spot in your facility, and the number of birds.

Why do we offer different service packages? Each nursing home, office building, dentist office, etc. has different needs and space available. We work closely with each client and devise a system that works best for them.

What is the price of our bird cage cleaning service? Simply put, the larger the aviary you choose, the more the aviary itself costs to lease. The price of each package includes a hand-crafted enclosure, birds, and all-inclusive cleaning and maintenance. Payment will be made on a monthly basis with no up-front cost to you.

Each package offers the same maintenance activities but differs in duration between visits. We also provide these services for existing aviaries, even if they’re not built by Serenity.

Our aviary services include:

  • Changing their water
  • Replacing the bedding
  • Refilling the bird feeder
  • Checking the health of your birds
  • Cleaning the aviary inside and out
  • Trimming the birds’ nails and beak
  • If needed, we’ll replace accessories like nests, perches, lighting, etc.

Want to see a Serenity service tech in action? Check out this 30-second video.

Aviary Packages and Maintenance Frequency


With the economy package, we maintain your indoor aviary every 3 months. This frequency is the industry standard in the aviary service market.

Due to our Infinity Feeder, the ease of maintaining an aviary goes above and beyond the industry standard. This system holds seed and water for at least 6 months, significantly longer than the typical bird feeder. Meanwhile, the staff at other businesses need to replenish food and water a few times a week.

The Infinity Feeder is available with all aviary service packages.


This package increases the frequency of our aviary services to once every 6-8 weeks. This keeps the aviary looking its best with less worry from your team. Plus, you’ll have more than enough birdseed from our service technician to last through that time.


This program offers an even more enhanced service interval. We provide aviary services every 3-4 weeks to ensure your birds are happy and healthy. We provide an adequate number of standard finches, 2 or more premium finches, and showcase finches for an extra charge.


Consider this our “hands-free” package as we do everything from cleaning and maintaining, to feeding, to watering. We service your bird enclosure on a weekly basis to provide all the cleaning and feeding your finches need. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your new friends!

What are

Your Responsibilities?

You enjoy the birds. We’ll take care of the rest!

Once a week, we recommend cleaning the windows on your indoor aviary. This process is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. The result is a crystal clear viewing experience for the life of your aviary.

Our aviaries come equipped with a window shade to keep the birds inside while opening the door. Our service rep or customer support team can help walk you through this process. We also ask you to remove any deceased birds as they occur.

We give you more than enough food and supplies to last until our next service date. Your service tech will also show you how to do any necessary activities. But be confident there will be no mess, no waste, and no fuss!

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