Services for Existing Aviaries

Is your team getting distracted by cleaning and maintaining your bird aviary? Is your aviary not as clean as you’d like? Or are you looking to change aviary service providers to clean and maintain your enclosure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, Serenity can help. We offer proprietary products and industry-leading services for aviaries.

Why Switch to Serenity Aviary Services

Indoor bird aviaries are unique decorative pieces that are engaging, entertaining, and relaxing. But without the proper experience, cleaning and maintaining them can be a challenge.

Our sister company, Custom Cages, hand-crafts each of our acclaimed bird aviaries, while Serenity focuses on maintaining them. In fact, we are the only nationwide aviary maintenance company in the United States. If you already have an aviary, Serenity can still provide routine cleaning, maintenance, and a complete care package for that unit.

Simple Aviary Service Transition

Maintaining an aviary isn’t easy. If you have one, you’ve probably experienced that. And that’s why so many companies switch to Serenity for servicing.

Upgrading your bird aviary with our maintenance-reducing products and services is simple and cost-effective. We provide innovative feeders, accessories like hand-made swings, nests, and regular cleaning and maintenance.

We set up these products for no up-front cost and you’ll pay a low monthly fee for a unit, birds, and services. If you want to keep your current bird aviary and it requires fixing, there may be an upfront charge for repairs. Give us a call or email for more information.

Process for Switching Aviary Services

We will discuss the current state of your bird aviary. Topics include your unit’s size, structural stability, cleanliness, types of birds, and their health. We’ll also ask for a few images of your aviary to fully understand your setup. From there, we’ll tailor a service package that meets your needs.

On our first service visit, we’ll deep clean your bird aviary and add any necessary equipment. Our first service visit is the longest because of deep cleaning and product replacements.

We offer a list of vibrant birds to include in your aviary. If you don’t have birds currently, we’ll provide an assortment of finches. The number of finches will depend on your aviary’s size. If you wish to add to your current flock, we’ll ensure that all species get along and the aviary isn’t too crowded.

The Benefits of a Serenity Aviary Service

After almost 20 years of servicing aviaries, companies continue to switch to us for our cleaning and maintenance program. Our experienced technicians are on time, effective, and helpful on each visit. Not only that, but we have a support team standing by to answer any of your questions or concerns.

One main advantage Serenity offers is local service tech availability. Serenity hires local talent in the areas we service to effectively support our customer base. This ensures we are on time and can react quickly to emergencies.

The Serenity aviary service and maintenance program is so much more than just a routine cleaning. There are companies out there that claim to offer a bird aviary service, but are just cleaning companies. Serenity is the industry leader in providing a full range of services, including maintenance, guidance, and support.

What can our years of experience do for your bird aviary? And what are the main benefits that Serenity can offer your company?

Forget the Hassle of Feeding and Watering

One of the best upgrades you can put on your aviary is our proprietary Infinity Feeder®. This revolutionary product holds seed and water for at least 6 months, which is much longer than the typical bird feeder. Most businesses refill their feeder a few times a week, but you won’t have to worry.

The Infinity Feeder maintains a constant flow of food and keeps seed and water sanitary. Our feeding products contribute to a cleaner aviary, healthier birds, and an almost maintenance-free experience. We are the only service provider licensed to use this feeding system, so it doesn’t get any easier!

Not only that, but the high-quality bird seed we provide gives your finches the necessary supplements and nutrients that support long-term health.

You Save Time and Worry

Balancing your work priorities and bird aviary maintenance is a daunting task. Leave it to the pros so you can save time and effort from your staff.

You’ll decide on a cleaning and maintenance schedule that works best for you. No more wondering when someone will come back to take care of your aviary! You will gain a partner with the expertise to ensure your bird aviary stays in excellent shape.

On occasion, you’ll have to replace the water in the feeder, clean the windows and wipe the dust off the outside of the aviary. Each process only takes a matter of minutes and your service rep can walk you through them.

Healthier Aviary Environment

You need the proper tools and expertise to keep an aviary clean and healthy. Professional deep cleaning and health inspections are vital to maintaining your birds’ well-being.

It can be difficult to recognize when one of your birds is sick because they don’t show many signs. This is where our routine health checks are so helpful. Our service reps will take the time to check for ailments. If we need to remove birds from your aviary, we will replace them at no extra charge to you.

Our goals are to give you the best viewing experience and the healthiest home for your birds. Our professional maintenance program accomplishes both of these. We also offer many accessories for your birds to interact with. This keeps your feathered friends happy and entertained.

Browse Aviary Service Plans

Each all-inclusive service package has the same maintenance activities, but they differ in service frequency. Regardless of the plan you choose, we give you more than enough supplies to last between visits.

If you have any further questions about our company, services, or products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our support team will be happy to help!


Is there a type of aviary you can’t service?

We can update and service almost any aviary with our feeding system and accessories. The limitations are based on the types of birds in the aviary. If you have very large birds that could cause injury to our service technicians, we typically won’t service them. However, accommodations can be made, so please contact us and we’ll discuss the situation.

How much does your aviary service cost per month?

If you were to lease a new aviary from us, you would get a bird aviary delivered and installed for free, a variety of birds, and routine services for as low as $189 a month. If you want to keep your existing aviary, pricing will depend on the service plan you choose. The pricing may also vary based on the size and style of your bird aviary. Serenity also offers various service frequency plans. The service program can be as low as $119 a month.

Can I put an aviary in any location in my facility?

Yes and no. We can service bird aviaries in virtually any indoor location. But, regulations on bird aviaries may vary from state to state for certain facilities. Be sure you’re familiar with your state’s regulations before choosing a location for your aviary.

How often should a large aviary be cleaned?

The more birds you have, the more often the aviary should be cleaned. However, the industry standard for aviary cleaning frequency is once every three months. We offer service packages for a shorter frequency if that better suits your needs.

How many birds can I put in my aviary?

The number of birds we include with your cage will depend on the size of the unit. An aviary with too many birds is a major cause of stress for them, so you should never overcrowd them.

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