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Stress Free Companionship

Does your office, business, or health care facility feel dull or lifeless?

Adding animals is a proven way to increase the joy and liveliness of any environment.

You can do all the work yourself, or you can hire us. We build, install, feed, clean and care for the aquarium or aviary for you.

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We Got Here

Cages By Design is Born

The first of Serenity's sister companies Cages By Design is born as the found builds cages in basement of his collage apartment.


New Facility

Cages By Design moves into a new 3000 foot production facility which it quickly outgrows.


Serenity is Founded

Serenity Aviary Services is founded to service aviaries in health care facilities and offices.


Aquarium Services Added

Serenity adds aquarium services to the already existing aviary services allowing us to service both.


First Large Account Signed

Serenity signs its first large service account with more than 90 locations serviced across 4 states.


Service Companies Acquired

Serenity acquires three regional aviary and aquarium service companies and securely cements it's market dominance.


A Little More


What started as a childhood hobby officially became a corporation in 1998. Our founder began building custom reptile cages when he was a 19–year–old University of Wisconsin Oshkosh sophomore. The first generation of “Cages By Design” products were born in the basement of his modest college apartment. He sold, built and shipped all of his handmade products while also attending college full time.

A shell of a website was launched when most people didn’t even know what the Internet was. A tiny black and white ad in a trade publication was just the beginning. Through a lot of trial and error and ups and downs, the business gradually gained its footing. Four years later, upon graduation, a 3,000 square foot commercial shop was built in Neenah, WI, as well as the first employee hired.

Through years of experimenting, listening to customer’s needs, and countless hours of engineering, CagesByDesign.com became CustomCages.com, CustomAquariums.com was developed, and eventually they became the premier brands in the industry. Through the natural evolution of the cage and aquarium business, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services (SerenityUSA.com) was born. Serenity is a perfect fit for our organization because it allows us as a company to not only learn real world experience as to the best ways to design, care for, and maintain our aquariums and aviaries, but to constantly improve our processes to do so in the most effective way. With now over 30 highly trained professional service representatives in 40 states, and over 1500 accounts, we are the leader in our industries.

Our experience with manufacturing products, taking orders directly from our customers and offering ongoing service gives us a unique perspective in the eyes of the customer, which allows us to identify needs, innovate and create solutions. Our motto is, “We don’t just make products. “We Solve Problems!” Our experience in the service business has allowed us to identify needs and solve problems within our industry resulting in 17 patents granted and growing. Our unique patented aquarium, cage, filtration, and feeding systems that we have developed means we can provide a higher level of service at a lower price than anyone in our industry. Our highly trained service professionals paired with our organized, high level management means we have the ability to have extreme attention to detail and meticulous constant improvement. When you call—we answer the phone and solve your problem. This puts us in a better position than anyone in the industry to provide a truly outstanding experience for our customers. Most importantly, the fact that we provide a service which offers peace of mind and comfort to our clientele is an incredibly worthy and rewarding experience.