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Do you want to add an aquarium or aviary to your business facility? We make having one hassle-free!

When you lease an aquarium or aviary from Serenity, we handle all the routine cleaning and maintenance for you. So your residents, clients, or guests can enjoy it without extra work from your team.

We also offer these services for existing aquariums and existing aviaries, even if they weren’t built by Serenity.

National Reach, Local Service

We are the largest US provider of aquarium and aviary services. With multiple service technicians in 40 states, we’re more local than you think.

At our headquarters in Neenah, WI, our engineers and support staff tie it all together. Here, we build and deliver dozens of units to business facilities each week.

Once installed, our support team is here to assist with the upkeep of our clients’ aquariums and aviaries, wherever they do business.

We Cover

Most of the USA

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We Got Here

Cages By Design is Born

The first of Serenity’s sister companies Cages By Design is born as the found builds cages in the basement of his college apartment.

New Facility

Cages By Design moves into a new 3000-foot production facility which it quickly outgrows.

Serenity is Founded

Serenity Aviary Services is founded to service aviaries in health care facilities and offices.

Aquarium Services Added

Serenity adds aquarium services to the already existing aviary services allowing us to service both.

First Large Account Signed

Serenity signs its first large service account with more than 90 locations serviced across 4 states.

Service Companies Acquired

Serenity acquires three regional aviary and aquarium service companies and securely cements itself as a leader in the industry.

A Little More


Serenity Beginnings

Serenity Aviary & Aquarium Services was born through the natural evolution of our cage and aquarium businesses. Serenity allows us to use real-world experience to learn the best ways to design, care for, and maintain our aquariums and aviaries.

Our experience with manufacturing products, taking orders directly from our customers, and offering ongoing cleaning service gives us a unique perspective in the eyes of the customer, which allows us to identify needs, innovate and create solutions. Our unique, patented aquarium, cage, filtration, and feeding systems allow us to provide a higher level of service at a lower price than anyone in our industry.

We are now the industry leader, practicing in 40 states, with over 50 professional service techs in each state, and thousands of accounts. We pair our highly-trained service technicians with our organized, high-level management to provide meticulous attention to detail while constantly improving our processes in the most effective way.

We’re dedicated to providing a truly outstanding experience for our clients, so when you call, we answer the phone and solve your problem (during business hours, of course). Most importantly, we provide a service that offers peace of mind and comfort to our clientele which is an incredibly worthy and rewarding experience.

Our Motto

“We don’t just make products; we solve problems!

Our Mission

We build the highest‐quality products that last a lifetime while innovating products that solve the pet industry’s problems and maintain a reliable end‐to‐end customer service experience.

Meet Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC

Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC (the parent company of Custom Aquariums, Custom Cages, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services, and Vision Products) was founded in a modest college apartment basement and incorporated in 1998. Why? During this time, “Crocodile Hunter” was famous on TV, so having iguanas, bearded dragons, snakes, and other reptiles as pets was a fast‐growing trend. Thus, a childhood hobby turned into a full‐time college student’s entrepreneurship.

During the internet’s infancy, we were among the first to have a website offering high‐quality reptile cages that were large enough for these pets to live comfortably. Through that simple website, all products were sold, hand‐built, and shipped one at a time, ready for on‐site assembly. Our innovative designs launched us to the forefront of the reptile enclosures industry.

From the start, we’ve been a build‐to‐order company selling directly to end consumers. Because of that direct interaction, we’re constantly learning from feedback to improve and create unique, high-quality products. Over the next 20+ years, we became the #1 custom pet enclosure manufacturer in the USA, selling thousands of high‐end custom units worldwide annually.

Now, we have over 35 patents and 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including our full‐fledged woodworking shop and top‐tier glass fabrication facility with better equipment than most local glass and cabinet manufacturers. We also employ full‐time expert engineers, managers, technicians, welders, and artisans, who meticulously craft each enclosure, stand, and canopy by hand. Therefore, our in‐house capabilities are genuinely second to none.

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