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Leasing and Services

We offer aquarium leasing options for businesses across most of the USA. Leases include a custom-made aquarium, in-depth cleaning services, and much more!

If you want a hassle-free aquarium in your facility, see what Serenity can offer you!

Leasing vs Buying

Buying an aquarium of this quality will cost your company thousands of dollars upfront. And that doesn’t include the fish, food, additional equipment, or professional aquarium services.

With an aquarium lease from Serenity, you’ll pay zero dollars upfront! We charge a low monthly fee that covers the entire aquarium, fish, food, and routine services. Plus, we replace any equipment, livestock, and food, free of charge!

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B2B Aquarium Cleaning Services

We’ve been servicing aquariums in businesses since 2010. Today, we’re the largest provider of aquarium cleaning services in the US!

The primary reason for our success has been our tailored service packages. Each team and facility has different needs, and we ensure those needs are met while keeping your aquarium cleaner for longer.

If you haven’t yet, check out our aquarium service packages!

The Value That Serenity Offers

What we provide

  • The fish tank
  • Custom stand and canopy
  • All the necessary equipment
  • Collection of exotic fish
  • Continuous supply of fish food
  • Delivery and installation
  • Services from local service pros

What you get out of it

  • Decor designed for your space
  • A cleaner fish tank
  • Lower costs
  • Less time investment
  • Healthier fish
  • A calming ambiance
  • Happier guests, residents, and staff

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