"Tad, Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how very pleased we are with the aviary and aquarium. They turned out spectacular - a perfect finish for the building. I know this took extra effort and time from your team. The residents in Waterford are very fortunate to have these two pieces in their new home. Thank you for your time and patience, it is much appreciated. Please pass along my compliments to your group, the custom finish is a better option for our clients."

Nancy Mooney

Waterford Memory Care

"Fox Valley Surgical Associates is a busy 9 surgeon clinic whose waiting room will host up to 80 patients per day. With the chaotic nature of the business, not the least of which is physicians running behind, we had wondered if we could relieve anxiety and entertain the patients during their wait. Cable TV and magazines just didn’t do it. We placed our aviary about 2 years ago and since then we have had nothing but positive comments. The birds have vivid colors, are always active, and when the babies hatch there is standing room only around the aviary! The activity is constant and young and old enjoy it. The upkeep is minimal and the service has been excellent. We would recommend this to any organization with a waiting room. A truly positive addition!"

Thomas Winek, President

Fox Valley Surgical Associates

"J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., has both an aviary and fish tank at their national headquarters in Neenah, WI. The aviary is located in the main lobby and the fish tank outside the auditorium. We receive positive comments on both setups regarding the cabinets and how clean and neat they are. Both are attractions and people like looking at the birds and the exotic freshwater fish."

James J. Keller - President

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you again how much our residents are enjoying the aviaries. Serenity is providing a wonderful service. As you remember, not only did you build us a custom aviary to match our interior décor [see right], but Serenity took over our two existing aviaries and installed your side mounted feed and water dispensers on those as well. What a relief for our staff! They no longer need to go into the aviaries to care for the birds. Wonderful! Thanks again... You and your associates run a first class operation.”

John McCarthy, Owner

Prairie Home Assisted Living

"Serenity Aquarium has been great to work with! They've been extremely responsive to any questions or needs we have. Our members absolutely love the aquarium and staff appreciate the limited maintenance required! Thank you!"

Laura Mays

King Veterans Home

"I've had the Aquarium in my front office 3 months and have never had more compliments about a single item - Starbucks coffee included! All ages from 2-92 seem to truly enjoy the tank!"

Dr. Pete Hehli

Northstar Dental

“The initial concept of a dramatic makeover of our reception area was a bit daunting. But once we got past that hurdle, and you installed the tank, it quickly became the social center of the office. Our neighbors stop in to see it. Our clients enjoy it. We, who work here, really enjoy it. Watching the fish has a calming effect on everybody. We’ve had some casual drop-in traffic as people walking by saw the fish and came in to chat. The fact that the fish are colorful is a real attractant. And we don’t have to worry about salt water because these are fresh-water fish. We’ve had quite a number of “babies” born in the aquarium; it seems like they arrive one at a time. So the number is small, yet there is something about watching “babies” grow in a bigger-fish environment. We often see people, often our own staff, looking for the babies, hiding among the rocks. Showing them to children, who are fascinated with the whole experience. Our aquarium has become a focus of conversation on many occasions.”

Thomas D. Wilhelm, Attorney

Wilhelm Law Service