Biophilic Design – The Profound Impact of Natural Decor

Biophilic design is an interior design trend that focuses on nature-centric decor.

Businesses that implement this are rewarded with a greater connection to nature each day, along with happier guests and employees!

Learn why biophilic design is so popular and how to employ it in your home or facility.

(5 minute read)

nursing home residents practicing yoga

8 Ways to Max Out Your Nursing Home Activities Budget

Nursing home residents should have as many opportunities they need to live a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, the activities budget is oftentimes limited.

Read this short article for some ideas to make the most of every penny!

(4 minute read)

Society Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Welcome to Part 10, and our final edition of The Finches of Serenity!

This post covers the Society Finch, a beautiful and peaceful bird originating in Asia.

Learn about the Society Finch and get insight on how we set up our Serenity Aviaries for them!

(7 minute read)

Why You Need an Aviary in Your Hotel Lobby

Have you ever seen an aviary in a hotel lobby?

Maybe you haven’t yet, but hotels large and small continue to add these spacious bird displays.

These select hotels reap a number of benefits that traditional decor can’t produce.

(5 minute read)

Parrot Finch – The Finches of Serenity

For Part 9 of The Finches of Serenity, we bring you the Parrot Finch!

This colorful, friendly, and joyful bird graces so many people from our aviaries.

Learn about this bird and also get insight for designing the best environment for them.

(8 minute read)

group playing the drums in an assisted living community

Promote Social Engagement in Your Assisted Living Community

Social engagement is a very important, yet sometimes lacking, area of assisted living communities.

Why is social engagement so beneficial in assisted living?

What activities can you introduce right away that promote discussion and togetherness?

Visit our article for more!

(6 minute read)

6 Waiting Room Ideas to Create a Relaxing Environment

Medical clinics and dental offices can be a very stressful place, so how do you put your patients at ease?

By designing a relaxing, time-passing waiting room, you can put your patients in a relaxed mood before their procedure.

Read this post for 6 waiting room decor ideas to give your patients the most out of their visit!

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zebra finch perched on a branch in an aviary

Zebra Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Welcome to the 8th edition in our Finches of Serenity series!

This is the Zebra Finch. It’s one of the most popular finches on Earth because of their appearance and bubbly personalities.

Learn about their habitat, physical characteristics, behavior, and more in this post!

(6 minute read)

Glass vs Acrylic Fish Tanks

Is glass or acrylic the best material for a fish tank?

We use glass for all of our Serenity Aquariums because we feel they offer the most value.

What do you think?

Check out our brief guide and understand the differences between them.

(4 minute read)

aquarium in the corner of a dining room

Can Watching Fish Improve Patient’s Nutritional Intake?

Relaxation and engagement are a few benefits associated with fish tanks in nursing homes.

But did you know that watching fish has the power to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their nutritional intake?

Learn how this phenomenon works and how you can implement it in your facility!

(4 minute read)

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