What to Expect for Your Aviary Installation

After we build your aviary, we will deliver and install it at your business or healthcare community!

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for an aviary installation, how long it should take, and the activities included.

(3 minute read)

Commercial Aquarium Installation: What to Expect

Our services go beyond aquarium upkeep. We also deliver and provide free installation of your aquarium!

Keep reading to learn about our aquarium installation process, along with how you can prepare for our visit to your facility!

(3 minute read)

serenity service rep cleaning an existing aviary

What to Expect on Your First Aviary Cleaning

Are you wondering what to expect during our first aviary cleaning visit?

Here, you’ll learn how to prepare for our first visit, along with the main activities we perform on your aviary.

(3 minute read)

Saltwater vs Freshwater Aquarium: Which Side Are You On?

If you’re looking for a fish tank, you’re probably wondering if saltwater or freshwater is the better option.

We add some clarity to the “saltwater vs freshwater aquarium” debate.

You will learn some pros and cons of each aquarium type, costs, fish, equipment, and more!

(6 minute read)

Strawberry Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Meet the vibrant and exotic Strawberry Finch!

Here, you’ll learn about their physical appearance, natural habitat, behavior, breeding habits, and some care tips!

(8 minute read)

Serenity aviary in a nursing home

6 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Nursing Home

The benefits of nature in nursing homes can’t be overlooked.

This begs the question: What are the most effective natural decorations and what’re the easiest ways to implement them?

This post explores 6 natural elements, their benefits, and tips for implementing them in your nursing home.

(4 minute read)


Blue Mind Theory: What it is and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Have you ever felt more peaceful, happy, or creative when interacting with water?

If so, you’ve experienced Blue Mind.

In this post, we discuss what the Blue Mind Theory is, along with tips for implementing this theory in your home or facility!

(4 minute read)

Serenity aquarium in a medical waiting room

Office Fish Tanks – Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever considered adding a fish tank to your office space?

Research has shown their benefits in offices go far beyond their aesthetic appeal.

What are these benefits? What type of fish tank is best? How large should an office fish tank be?

Check out our comprehensive blog to answer these questions and more!

(9 minute read)


Shaft-Tail Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Meet the Shaft-Tail Finch, one of the many beautiful birds in our aviaries.

Here, you can learn about their physical appearance, natural habitat, behavior, and breeding habits.

We also discuss proper care for them, so take a look if you plan to have your own Shaft-Tail Finches.

(7 minute read)

Serenity service technician cleaning aquarium sump system

What to Expect on your First Aquarium Cleaning

If your aquarium is all set up, you’re probably anticipating your first aquarium cleaning.

How can your prepare for our first visit? What are the main activities we perform on your aquarium?

Read on to learn more!

(3 minute read)

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