lady gouldian perched on a tree branch

Gouldian Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Welcome to the 7th edition in our Finches of Serenity series!

This rainbow-colored bird is the Lady Gouldian Finch. Their appearance, docile nature, and pleasant bird songs have made them popular pets.

Learn about their habitat, physical characteristics, behavior, and more in this brief article.

(5 minute read)

serenity service rep cleaning dirty existing aquarium

Aquarium Cleaning Service Cost: Are the Pros Worth It?

Aquarium cleaning is a difficult task. Especially in offices and healthcare facilities.

Should you hire an aquarium service provider? Many companies do it, but do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Read this short blog and decide for yourself!

(4 minute read)

Star Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Welcome back to another blog post about the vibrant finches in our Serenity Aviaires.

This is the Star Finch, a wonderfully kind and colorful bird native to Australia.

Learn about their natural habitat, behaviors, breeding, and how to safely and comfortably house them!

(7 minute read)

5 Effective Algae Eater Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Discover why algae eater fish are so popular in freshwater aquariums!

Heralded for their ability to consume algae, they contribute to the natural filtration in a tank.

Read further for a deeper dive into these benefits and also see some of the most popular freshwater algae eater fish!

(5 minute read)

7 Easy Ways to Control Algae in a Fish Tank

Say goodbye to a constantly dirty fish tank with our guide on algae control!

Learn about the causes of algae, proven techniques to keep your aquarium clear, and why a little bit of algae is actually a good thing!

(6 minute read)

owl finch standing on a log

Owl Finch – The Finches of Serenity

Meet the Owl Finch, one of the unique and vibrant birds in our aviaries.

Here, you can learn about their physical appearance, natural habitat, behavior, and breeding habits.

We’ll also outline some care tips and advice on aviary design for an owl finch!

(7 minute read)

The Germ-Killing Properties of Copper: How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

Did you know that copper surfaces can kill many types of germs, bacteria, and viruses?

In fact, many metals have germ-killing abilities, but none are as effective as copper.

How does copper kill bacteria? How has copper been used in the past? And how do we use it today?

Read on for more!

(7 minute read)

8 Sensory Activities That Enhance the Lives of Dementia Patients

Discover the power of sensory activities in improving the quality of life for people with dementia.

This post explores the benefits of engaging the senses, offers practical ideas for activities.

We also provide insights into how sensory stimulation can promote relaxation, communication, and engagement for dementia patients.

(6 minute read)

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