SerenityAviary & Aquarium Services


Aquarium Services

  • A beautiful aquarium of your choice
  • Hand crafted canopies to conceal lighting
  • Hand crafted stands to conceal supplies and equipment
  • An appropriate number of fish included free
  • Replacing of fish or accessories if necessary
  • Removal of excess fish if necessary
  • Cleaning of aquarium/water change–outs
  • Repositioning of accessories—for variety
  • Many canopy and stand options to match your décor
  • Includes fish food
Aquarium Services


Aviary Services

  • A beautiful custom aviary of your choice
  • An appropriate number of birds included free
  • Health inspection of birds on each visit
  • Removal of excess birds when they breed
  • Trimming of birds’ beaks/toenails if necessary
  • Cleaning/sanitizing of aviary and food/water dishes
  • Replacing of nests/bedding
  • Repositioning of accessories if needed—for variety
  • Includes bird seed
  • Watering and feeding is completely included
Aviary Services

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Serenity Aviary & Aquarium Services

Serenity provides hand crafted aquariums and aviaries as well as a full suite of services to make bringing a little more life to your nursing home, office, or home hassle free.

Our sister companies Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages are the USA’s largest build-to-order aviary and glass aquarium manufacturers. Our solid hand-crafted Oak Majestic bird enclosures offer more viewing area than any other furniture-style cage on the market.

We are endorsed by Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo, have been used by Extreme Home Makeover, Pimp My Ride, the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Humane Societies nationwide.

We offer free delivery and setup when leasing or purchasing! Our all inclusive leases offer a lifetime guarantee! Guaranteed against wood chewing on the inside, replacement of broken or damaged panels for the life of your lease. Our purchased cages have a worry-free 1 year all-encompassing warranty.

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“I just wanted to tell you again how much our residents are enjoying the aviaries. Serenity is providing a wonderful service. As you remember, not only did you build us a custom aviary to match our interior décor, but Serenity took over our two existing aviaries and installed your side mounted feed and water dispensers on those as well. What a relief for our staff! They no longer need to go into the aviaries to care for the birds. Wonderful!

Thanks again… You and your associates run a first class operation.”

John McCarthy, Owner

Prairie Home Assisted Living