What Kind of Fish Are Supplied?

We specially select various fish for each package to make sure they’re native to the same area of the world as the other fish in the aquarium and get along with each other. We also make sure you have a good healthy balance of small, medium, and large fish. It’s not good to overload the aquarium with all big fish as they’ll become aggressive towards each other, overwhelm the aquarium’s water and cleaning systems, and therefore contaminate the water making all of the fish sick.

The right balance of large and medium fish acts as a distraction to the large fish and keeps everything in balance. As a part of our aquarium maintenance, we’ll consistently monitor the size and ratios of fish, as well as their temperament to make sure the fish are healthy and getting along. We’ll add and remove fish as needed to make sure you have a flourishing living environment.

A common question is, “Can I start with a Deluxe aquarium package and just wait for the fish to get larger so I can get a Premium package for the price of Deluxe?” The answer is unfortunately no. The difference in price for the packages has more to do with how often we have to come for fish tank cleaning and maintenance.

The more fish— and larger the fish—the more we have to do services to keep the fish healthy. One large fish can be equivalent to 15–20 small fish in overall mass. This also means they produce a disproportionate amount of waste. So…the more fish—and the larger the fish—the more we have to provide aquarium maintenance. As your fish grow, we will continually rotate your fish to the appropriate size in order to maintain the proper balance for your selected service level. On the other hand, should any of your fish die for whatever reason, we will replace those fish free of charge.

Some of our

Exotic Fish

Our exotic fish packages include an assortment of exotic species specially selected to get along together in their environment. Their vibrancy adds an interesting variety of color and character. Below is a sampling of some of our various exotic fish!


Yellow Lab


Eureka Red Jake




Ob Peacock


Electric Blue Ahli


Borleyi Redfin


Red Empress

Plecostomus (Algae Eater)



Featured Showcase Fish


It’s not just their impressive size or elaborate fins that make these awesome showcase fish so popular. “Fronts” as they are affectionately known, also have an unusually long life span of over 25 years and have quite unique personalities!

Blood Parrot

This rare, magnificent showcase fish got its name because of its large parrot-like mouth. Blood parrots have an endearing way of moving about the tank and are very intelligent and responsive to people. They can easily recognize and will respond to individuals differently. A great addition to any aquarium!


Leopard Cat Fish

These small fish grow only between two and a half and three inches long. They have distinct brown or gold coloring overlaid with black or dark brown spots. These fish are very peaceful.

Fish Sizes

The illustrations below are designed to give you a feel for what to expect from our showcase, large, medium, and small fish categories. Please keep in mind these pictures are not full size—the real fish are actually much larger than shown in the picture. Please use the ruler and the hand in each picture to gain a point of reference as to how big the fish will be.









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