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We offer a range of options depending on space limitations, and how elaborate of a setup you desire. Why do we offer many service packages? Each community has different needs and space available. We work closely with each customer to come up with a system that works the best. The larger the aquarium you choose, the more the aquarium itself costs to lease. For any size aquarium, the more fish you have per gallon of water, the more you will need fish tank cleaning services. Each package offers the same aquarium maintenance but differs in the duration between visits. Our complimentary services include:

  • Changing the water
  • Fish tank cleaning inside and out
  • Cleaning the filtration system
  • Checking the health of your fish
  • Replacing any fish or components, if necessary
  • Cleaning and/or replacing rock walls and plants
  • Refilling food in the automated feeder

Deluxe Package

This is our most common aquarium maintenance package. This plan keeps a low budget in mind but still offers great value. We include a good mix of large, medium, and small fish, as well as a full range of décor. For an additional charge, you may add Showcase Fish to your aquarium.

Our Auto Fish Feeder holds enough food to easily last between visits. Our service technicians provide aquarium maintenance and cleaning every 6-8 weeks.

Premium Package

This package is our most popular program designed for a more enhanced display. We include about twice the mass of fish compared to the Deluxe Package. Significantly more large, medium, and small fish will be included, along with a full range of accessories. You also receive Showcase Fish at no extra charge.

We provide you with enough food and supplies to last you until our next visit. Our experienced service reps will provide fish tank cleaning and maintenance every 3-4 weeks.

Ultimate Package

This is our fully loaded aquarium services package. This program includes the same number of large, medium, and small fish as the Premium Package. This is to keep the aquarium from getting too cluttered and causing stress to the fish. Like the others, a full range of décor is included to go with your fish friends. At no extra charge, you may choose from our list of Showcase Fish for your tank.

We call this our “hands-free” package because we visit every week to provide fish tank cleaning and maintenance. You can sit back and relax because we’ll even feed the fish for you!

What are

Your Responsibilities?

Every few days, we recommend using our automated magnetic glass scrubber to clean the inside of the glass. This keeps the glass crystal clear between fish tank cleaning and maintenance visits. Our service representative will show you this process and it should take no more than 5-10 minutes. We will do a more in-depth cleaning of the rocks, accessories, and filtration systems on our service visits.

We recommend topping off the tank with a pitcher of water to replace any that has evaporated when needed. We also ask you to remove any deceased fish and floating food if this occurs. If you have the Ultimate Package, however, all aquarium cleaning will be taken care of for you!

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