Services for Existing Aquariums

serenity service rep cleaning dirty existing aquarium

Are you tired of cleaning your dirty fish tank? Serenity USA is the solution!

We are the largest B2B aquarium cleaner in North America, servicing freshwater aquariums in 40 states.

If your facility’s fish tank is becoming a hassle or you want to switch cleaning providers, we’ll clean it regularly for a low monthly fee!

How to Get Serenity Aquarium Services

Step 1

Contact us and we’ll discuss the current state of your aquarium.

This includes its size, structural stability, cleanliness, and the type of fish in it.

Step 2

We ask for a few images of your aquarium to fully understand your setup.

Then, we’ll tailor a service package that meets your needs and provide a service quote.

Step 3

On our first visit, we’ll deep clean your aquarium and add any equipment or fish.

Our first service is the longest because of deep cleaning and possible product replacements.

Step 4

If you don’t have fish currently, we’ll provide an assortment of freshwater fish.

If you wish to keep or add to your collection, we’ll ensure all species get along and the tank isn’t too crowded.

We want to learn about your aquarium!

Reach out today for a service quote and more info about cleaning schedules, switching providers, and aquarium upgrades!


My facility already has a freshwater aquarium. Can you clean it?

Yes! Many businesses take advantage of our fish tank cleaning services, even though they don’t have a Serenity Aquarium.

Can I switch from my current service provider to Serenity Aquarium Services?

Yes! Many clients have switched to our cleaning services from previous providers. For more information on making the switch, contact us today!

How much does a routine aquarium service cost?

We offer multiple service packages so prices will vary. Whichever you choose, you can expect a low monthly fee for routine services on your aquarium. We recommend browsing these plans and contacting us for pricing and more information.

Can Serenity clean my facility’s saltwater fish tank?

Unfortunately not. We only service freshwater tanks. We can also clean amphibious tanks (paludariums) if the wet area is freshwater.

Can I upgrade my filtration system to a Seamless Sump®?

Yes, but you need a sump system already in place. Otherwise, we won’t be able to modify your fish tank to equip a Seamless Sump®.

Can Serenity clean my at-home aquarium?

We cannot. At this time, Serenity only services in the B2B space. Many of our clients run nursing homes and other assisted living communities, dentist and doctor’s offices, office buildings, hotel lobbies, and more!

Do you provide a warranty if we upgrade our aquarium with Serenity products?

We do not. Adding certain products to your existing fish tank, like an autofeeder, will not be covered under warranty. We only offer a lifetime warranty if the aquarium is leased through one of our service plans.

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