The 7 Best Office Pets: Let an Office Pet Elevate Your Atmosphere!

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Did you know that almost 87 million homes in the US have a pet?

These animals play an integral part in our lives, and companies large and small are starting to allow office pets in their spaces.

As an animal enclosure manufacturer, we have upwards of 30 pets at our Serenity office, and we care for and cherish each of them.

Moreover, large companies like Amazon and Google, for example, gladly allow pets around their campuses.

But why would these massive, hyper-efficient companies let a “distracting pet” in the office?

Let’s find out.

Why You Should Have an Office Pet

A study by Dr. Meredith Wells-Lepley and Dr. Rose Perrine at USC sought to discover the benefits of pets in the office.

Across the 31 companies studied, most employees reported less stress, improved health, and increased job satisfaction and morale after animals were introduced.

But what are the best office pets?

And what should you consider before bringing animals into your office?

From loveability to low maintenance, here are 7 recommendations for the best pets for the office!

1. Dogs

dog in the office

As a “man’s best friend”, dogs are obvious contenders for the best office pet, with their constant lovability and chipper attitudes.

Dogs are the most popular family pet by a wide margin, present in about 65 million US households.

Just look at our office dog, Luna (pictured above).

She never fails to put a smile on our faces as she trots around the office to say good morning, or makes random visits to our desks throughout the day.

What if employees at your office could be welcomed by an excitable doggo?

Or bring their dogs to work?

Studies show that companies with dogs on site can see benefits like less employee stress, higher job satisfaction, boosted productivity, and more positive interactions with coworkers.

And we can attest to that!

2. Cats

woman holding persian office cat

If you’re looking for a relatively low-maintenance office pet, cats might be the perfect choice.

Cats are the second most popular pet in the US, living in about 47 million homes.

With their independent nature and calming presence, cats can bring a sense of tranquility to a family at home, as well as coworkers at the office.

For example, Business Insider wrote about the Dutch company, Wallaart & Kusse Public Affairs, which adopted a cat for their office (and named her Sammie).

They mention Sammie’s funny antics, how she naturally brightens moods, and how caring for her as a group has improved team spirit.

3. Fish

Vibrant fish in an aquarium as office pets

If you’re looking for a very low-maintenance pet for the office, consider an office fish tank!

There is less interaction, but fish in the office have shown a number of benefits, like employees feeling less stressed, more productive, and more creative.

But you may be thinking, “Cleaning an aquarium isn’t very low maintenance“.

And you’d be right!

That’s why we offer aquarium services for businesses.

Everyone gets the benefits of a clean fish tank, without the extra work!

4. Lizards

lizard office pet in a reptile enclosure

Lizards, geckos, bearded dragons, and other reptiles may be more unconventional pets for the office, but docile lizards are a great addition to the team.

These pets are long-lived, low maintenance, fun to watch, feed, and even hold if they’re comfortable.

Plus, lizards are more uncommon and attention-grabbing, so it’s a great conversation starter for guests and employees.

Most lizards are content in smaller spaces, so a reptile enclosure can fit in almost any office.

And if you’re okay with little interaction from your team’s pet, a friendly lizard is an excellent choice!

5. Hamsters

Hamsters are another animal that you might not hold or pet too often, but their presence can create a more relaxed work environment.

If someone needs a second away from the computer screen, they could unwind and visit their furry friend (probably running 100mph on his wheel).

And considering they’re inexpensive and easy to care for, they’re a great option for an office.

If you want to go above and beyond: Set up a cage with a series of hamster tubes that branch around the room.

Your office hamster will get plenty of entertainment running around and visiting your team members.

But whether you create “Hamster City” or not, a small, giddy office pet is a definite serotonin booster.

6. Birds

colorful finches in a commercial aviary

Birds are an overlooked option as office pets.

While a loud parrot may not be the best fit, a bird aviary with a collection of finches is more easily done.

The simple sights and sounds of birds have been shown to induce relaxation and improve our mental wellbeing.

And experts agree that when employees’ mental health improves, their productivity and quality of work do as well.

Just like office fish tanks, you won’t have to worry about routine care.

Our aviary services handle all the cleaning, feeding, and aviary maintenance.

Do we provide services in your state?

Check out our service area!

7. Bunnies

The final office pet on our list is none other than the friendly bunny rabbit.

These adorable, playful, and curious animals are premium serotonin boosters.

Bunnies are not as messy as you would think, either.

They’re relatively clean pets and you can even train them to use a little box.

Seeing your office bunny hop around and visit your team will definitely improve some moods.

Rabbits are surprisingly long-lived, typically around 8 to 12 years old.

They’re also intelligent, social with humans, and generally easy to care for.

So at #7 on our list, a bunny is still one of the best pets for the office!

Things to Consider for Office Pets

cleaning a cloudy aquarium

The Time Commitment for Care

In a fast-paced business environment, time is priceless.

Regardless of the benefits of an office pet, you shouldn’t get one if you don’t have the time for care.

This will cause added stress on your team and even more stress on the animal.

For example, people underestimate the work it takes to clean and maintain a fish tank.

The water gets dirty, fish often get sick and pass away, and the whole display becomes an eyesore.

You can avoid this by finding a service company, like Serenity USA, to care for it.

Learn more about our company and professional services today!


The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery stated that about 10-20% of human adults are allergic to cats–And that’s only cats–Your team may be allergic to many different animals.

Health and safety are the keys to having pets in the office.

If you’re looking to bring in one or multiple animals, check with your whole team first so everyone is comfortable with it.

Damage to Property

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ve probably seen some destructive behavior.

With cats and dogs, in particular, chewing, biting, scratching, knocking into things, and stealing items are some of their unpredictable tendencies.

Still, offices small and large, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes are adopting pets and allowing workers to bring their own, so it looks like the benefits outweigh the costs.

But if property damage is a concern, a smaller pet who’s happy in an enclosure may be best.

Thankfully, fish, birds, hamsters, bunnies, and lizards all check this box!


Pets in the office can transform your workplace into a haven of joy, productivity, and reduced stress.

From the unwavering loyalty of dogs to the enchanting sounds of birds, each pet brings its unique charm.

Remember, when considering office pets, it’s essential to look at factors like time commitment, allergies, and the overall comfort of your pet and the staff.

When you get your whole team on board, your colleagues will thank you, and there’s a good chance that workdays will become more enjoyable!