Glass vs Acrylic Fish Tanks

Is glass or acrylic the best material for a fish tank?

We use glass for all of our Serenity Aquariums because we feel they offer the most value.

What do you think?

Check out our brief guide and understand the differences between them.

(4 minute read)

aquarium in the corner of a dining room

Can Watching Fish Improve Patient’s Nutritional Intake?

Relaxation and engagement are a few benefits associated with fish tanks in nursing homes.

But did you know that watching fish has the power to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their nutritional intake?

Learn how this phenomenon works and how you can implement it in your facility!

(4 minute read)

serenity service rep cleaning dirty existing aquarium

Aquarium Cleaning Service Cost: Are the Pros Worth It?

Aquarium cleaning is a difficult task. Especially in offices and healthcare facilities.

Should you hire an aquarium service provider? Many companies do it, but do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Read this short blog and decide for yourself!

(4 minute read)

5 Effective Algae Eater Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Discover why algae eater fish are so popular in freshwater aquariums!

Heralded for their ability to consume algae, they contribute to the natural filtration in a tank.

Read further for a deeper dive into these benefits and also see some of the most popular freshwater algae eater fish!

(5 minute read)

7 Easy Ways to Control Algae in a Fish Tank

Say goodbye to a constantly dirty fish tank with our guide on algae control!

Learn about the causes of algae, proven techniques to keep your aquarium clear, and why a little bit of algae is actually a good thing!

(6 minute read)

Commercial Aquarium Installation: What to Expect

Our services go beyond aquarium upkeep. We also deliver and provide free installation of your aquarium!

Keep reading to learn about our aquarium installation process, along with how you can prepare for our visit to your facility!

(3 minute read)

Saltwater vs Freshwater Aquarium: Which Side Are You On?

If you’re looking for a fish tank, you’re probably wondering if saltwater or freshwater is the better option.

We add some clarity to the “saltwater vs freshwater aquarium” debate.

You will learn some pros and cons of each aquarium type, costs, fish, equipment, and more!

(6 minute read)

Serenity aviary in a nursing home

6 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Nursing Home

The benefits of nature in nursing homes can’t be overlooked.

This begs the question: What are the most effective natural decorations and what’re the easiest ways to implement them?

This post explores 6 natural elements, their benefits, and tips for implementing them in your nursing home.

(4 minute read)


Blue Mind Theory: What it is and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Have you ever felt more peaceful, happy, or creative when interacting with water?

If so, you’ve experienced Blue Mind.

In this post, we discuss what the Blue Mind Theory is, along with tips for implementing this theory in your home or facility!

(4 minute read)

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