Oklahoma Aquarium & Aviary Services

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None of the work

We are the leader in providing hand-crafted aquariums and aviaries with services to match in Tulsa, OKC, and every other city across Oklahoma.

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The Serenity Advantage

Local Service Reps

With hundreds of accounts and committed service technicians in Oklahoma, we are never too far away.

National Support Team

Our dedicated support team at our Wisconsin headquarters is standing by to help when you need it.

Low Maintenance

Our tailored regular service visits and proprietary feeding, watering, and cleaning systems mean you will rarely have to lift a finger.

No Up-front Cost

We simply charge a low monthly fee for services and the aquarium or bird cage, saving you thousands of dollars up-front.

Serenity Aquarium & Aviary Services

What We Do

We craft world-class aquariums and aviaries for businesses in Oklahoma. Plus, we provide comprehensive cleaning services for each client!

As one of our clients, you’ll receive:

  • An aquarium or aviary designed by you
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance
  • All the necessary equipment
  • A collection of birds or fish (that get along well together)
  • Bird seed or fish food (replenished on each service visit)
  • Replacement of equipment and livestock if necessary

You get this and a lot more for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee. Learn more about us today!

Oklahoma Aquarium Services

We’ve crafted many aquariums for businesses in Oklahoma. After the framework of the unit is complete, our clients customize the interior by adding a backdrop and functional accessories. Our exotic freshwater fish will complete your pleasant, living decoration.

We’ve built strong relationships with many businesses in Oklahoma through high-quality products and routine cleaning visits. Having a fish tank is truly hassle-free with our patented auto feeders, filtration systems, and regular service visits.

Oklahoma Aviary Services

For years, we’ve been building spacious bird cages for businesses throughout Oklahoma. You too can create a unique bird cage by adding a background and décor for the interior. Finally, we offer you a wide range of colorful finches that delight people of all ages.

All our service packages come with scheduled cleaning, maintenance, and bird health checks. Our patented Infinity Feeder makes feeding, watering, and cleaning very simple. Your birds will have all they need to be happy and healthy until our next visit.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I’ve had the Aquarium in my front office 3 months and have never had more compliments about a single item – Starbucks coffee included! All ages from 2-92 seem to truly enjoy the tank!”

Dr. Pete Hehli – Northstar Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We currently service aquariums and aviaries in 40 states across the USA.

We offer cleaning services for fish tanks and bird cages throughout Oklahoma in areas like Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ardmore, and everywhere in between.

Will you deliver the aquarium or bird cages?

Yes! We offer free delivery anywhere in Oklahoma. You just need to tell us where to put it!

Do I have to set up the aquarium or aviary?

Nope! On top of free delivery, we also include free professional installation! You and your staff can stay on task and enjoy your new fish tank or aviary when it’s finished.

Do I have to clean and maintain the fish tank or bird cage?

Nope! There are a few service packages you can choose from when leasing a fish tank or bird cage in Oklahoma. Routine maintenance is the primary feature of these packages. This allows you to focus on other priorities while we clean and maintain your unit.

Do you service existing aquariums and aviaries?

Yes! We service existing aquariums and existing aviaries in Oklahoma. Moreover, we will clean and maintain your aquarium or aviary even if it wasn’t built by Serenity.

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