The Infinity Feeder

The Hassle-Free Bird Water Feeder

Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services Infinity feeder

Serenity Aviaries are popular because of the positive impact finches have on guests, residents, and customers.

However, this only happens if your birds are happy and healthy. Our proprietary bird water feeder, the Infinity Feeder, helps make that possible!

Increased Sanitation

By designing a copper-lined nozzle at the bottom of the feeder, the water is cleaned as it exits the system, eliminating harmful bacteria.

More Food and Water Storage

The Infinity Feeder stores significantly more supply than the typical bird feeder. No more daily tasks of replenishing your birds’ food and water!

Designed for Longevity

Enhanced sanitation and increased storage make the Infinity Feeder almost hassle-free! Just fill it with food and water and it’s stocked for weeks!

How Can an Infinity Feeder Make Your Life Easier?

birds on branch in aviary

Healthier Home for Your Birds

We installed a copper plug at the bottom of the device to kill off bacteria as water passes through, creating a consistently clean water supply.

A hood is also placed over the dishes to block feces and debris from falling into the food and water.

Each Serenity Aviary comes with an Infinity Feeder, so if you’re looking for your own commercial display, check out our Serenity Aviaries today!

serenity service rep cleaning an existing aviary

Forget the Hassle

Most aviary owners have to clean and replenish their feeders daily, but not with the Infinity Feeder. The enhanced sanitation and storage make it one of the most hassle-free bird water feeders on the market!

And if you operate a business, we’ll provide cleaning services for your aviary. On each service visit, we replenish the feeder with high-quality bird seed and deep clean your entire aviary!

Perfect for Any Spacious Aviary

Just like our many clients, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your birds are getting a constant supply of fresh food and water.

If you already have an enclosure and want us to service your company’s existing aviary, we still include the Infinity Feeder!

If you have any questions about the Infinity Feeder and how to get your own, reach out today!