Aquariums for Dentist Offices

Did you know that over half of the adults in the US have some form of dental anxiety? No matter how skilled you are at your practice, anxiety will always be an issue, so how can you help your guests relax?

Our clients have noticed great results by adding a Serenity Aquarium to their waiting rooms.

Aquariums Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in Dentist Offices

There was a recent study that focused on aquariums and their effects on dental patients. After a period of observing live fish in a waiting room, participants felt more relaxed and less anxious. The aquariums acted as calming agents and were more effective distractions than reading magazines or watching TV.

Aquariums in healthcare facilities have been shown to increase patients’ pain thresholds. So a fish tank can prepare your patients’ minds and bodies for their appointment.

You have created loyal members for your practice. Do you think those loyal patients would enjoy watching live, vibrant fish while they wait?

Craft an Aquarium Unique to your Dentist’s Office

Our sister company, Custom Aquariums, manufactures all of our aquariums for dentist offices. Custom Aquariums is the leading manufacturer of custom glass fish tanks in the US. Each unit is built from scratch in our state-of-the-art factory and designed specifically for each practice.

You may also personalize the inside of the fish tank. We offer an extensive list of vibrant fish species, scenic backdrops, and additional furnishing items like rocks, plants, and substrate.

Would you like to display your brand in the fish tank? We can do that too! Request a custom background with a company name or logo to complete your unique aquarium design.

Easy Aquarium Maintenance

You and your staff have important jobs and we don’t want you tied up by maintaining an aquarium.

So, we offer all-inclusive service packages for all our aquariums for dentist offices. An experienced service technician will regularly clean and maintain your aquarium and check your fish’s health. We also provide and resupply materials like food, accessories, equipment, and fish, if necessary.

You’ll get a world-class aquarium delivered and installed, along with our fish tank cleaning service, all for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.

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