Aviaries for Retirement Homes

Have you ever wondered what an aviary could do for your retirement home?

An aviary is a delightful decoration, but it offers much more than aesthetics.

In fact, interactions with birds have shown many positives regarding our mental and physical health.

Benefits of Aviaries for Retirement Homes

Serenity Aviaries are very popular in long-term care facilities, as our vibrant finches aid in the physical and mental health of their residents. Research shows that simply seeing and hearing birds can improve our mental wellbeing.

This is vital in facilities that provide extensive care, but it can be just as beneficial in retirement homes. Aside from the ability to improve moods, an aviary also brings residents together and encourages discussion.

It can also show potential residents that you go above and beyond to offer the best experience. Aviaries aren’t as common in retirement homes, and you can use that as a differentiator.

Customize an Aviary for your Retirement Home

Our sister company, Custom Cages, crafts all our aviaries. Each unit is built-to-order, so you can tailor a design that matches your interior.

You can choose the overall size, dimensions, materials, colors, decor, and a serene background image, or you can request a custom backdrop.

Plus, we provide a collection of exotic birds, along with an adequate supply of bird seed, at no additional charge.

Hassle-Free Aviary Maintenance

An elegant aviary is a decoration that delights residents, staff, and visitors, alike.

But if you don’t have experience maintaining one, it could be more problematic than helpful.

That’s why we offer comprehensive aviary cleaning for all our clients.

Your staff won’t have to worry about extensive upkeep and we’ll make sure your aviary stays clean and your birds remain healthy.

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