Aviaries for Funeral Homes

Have you ever considered getting an aviary for your funeral home?

Aviaries are very popular in the healthcare industry, commonly in nursing homes, memory care units, hospitals, and more. While their sights and sounds are delightful, the aviary as a whole is a wonderful decoration in any space.

What are some benefits of aviaries in funeral homes? How can you get a spacious aviary without the extra work? Read on for more.

Benefits of Aviaries for Funeral Homes

Serenity Aviary’s popularity stems from the sights and sounds of our colorful finches. Our joyful birds find comfort in our spacious aviaries, and they enjoy interacting with those that wander by their home. They have an uncanny ability to put a smile on peoples’ faces, which could be an uplifting experience for grieving families.

Serenity Aviaries have therapeutic effects as well. Studies have found that simple interactions with birds (seeing or hearing) can actually improve our mental wellbeing. The soft bird songs from your aviary can be an excellent way to add another calm and serene element to your funeral home.

The overall ambiance of your funeral home is vital. And a beautifully designed aviary with cheerful birds may be a memorable experience for guests, which keeps your home at the top of their minds.

Design an Aviary Unique to Your Funeral Home

Since your overall aesthetic is so important, you’ll need an aviary that matches that style.

This is made possible by leasing a Serenity Aviary. Our sister company, Custom Cages, crafts each aviary in line with your specifications.

We’ll craft the correct size, dimensions, materials, colors, and decor to match your interior. We also provide you with a collection of vibrant finches and high-quality bird seed.

If you have any questions about our aviaries, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hassle-Free Aviaries for Funeral Homes

Not only are Serenity aviaries beautiful, but there is very little maintenance required by you.

We offer all-inclusive cleaning and maintenance for our aviaries in funeral homes. In-depth aviary cleaning, equipment maintenance, bird health checks, and food replenishment are provided.

This saves you and your staff a lot of time and worry. You can focus on offering the best possible experience for the families you work with. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure that your aviary is clean and your birds are healthy.

What are the Costs of a Serenity Aviary

Leasing an aviary with services may be more affordable than you think.

For no upfront cost and a low monthly fee, you’ll receive an elegant aviary, equipment, decor, birds, seed, and expert cleaning services. The price of your aviary lease will vary based on your desired setup and service frequency.

If you’re interested in a new bird aviary, reach out today for your free consultation! Our expert support staff will be happy to help anytime during business hours.

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