Aviaries for Doctors Offices

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans will avoid going to the doctor, even when they think they need medical attention?

Regardless of care, people will always fear the doctor’s office.

So, when people do come in for treatment, how do you put them at ease?

Our clients found that a bird aviary can improve patients’ experiences at their clinic. Simply put, aviaries for doctors offices are much more relaxing distractions than magazines or TVs.

Aviaries are growing in popularity in doctor’s offices, and it’s easy to see why. Can you think of a more engaging and amusing decoration than joyfully chirping finches?

An Aviary as a Relaxing Decoration

You can create an entertaining, yet relaxing atmosphere in your waiting area with one of our renowned bird aviaries. Each doctor’s office provides a unique experience, but all have the goal to make their patients feel safe and happy.

It will be hard to eliminate people’s anxiety, but you can limit it by providing a delightful distraction as they wait. In fact, research shows that interaction with birds can improve mental wellbeing and decrease overall stress.

Create the Perfect Bird Aviary for Your Facility

We’ll craft a unique aviary that fits your interior design. Through our sister company, Custom Cages, we construct the highest-quality bird aviaries for doctors offices. And you can get your design started today!

With your input, we’ll design the exact colors, sizes, and dimensions you need for your decor. We also offer many vibrant birds, extra accessories for them to interact with, and a serene backdrop for a realistic view.

Simple Aviary Maintenance

We don’t want to tie up your staff with cleaning and maintaining a large aviary.

So we’ll take care of it for you.

We offer aviary services, included in the lease of your aquarium. Plus, we have hundreds of service technicians throughout the US, so we’re never too far away. Our service packages include routine cleaning, maintenance, and health checks for your birds. We will also provide and replenish any materials like food, accessories, and equipment.

So, for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee, you get a hand-crafted bird aviary, free delivery, free installation, and routine services!

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