Aviaries for Assisted Living

Have you heard about the benefits of aviaries for assisted living communities?

Many assisted living spaces are adding nature-focused decor to their interior to create a healthier, happier environment. In fact, studies have shown that people who live in areas with more birds, plants, and trees, typically have lower levels of stress.

Based on this data, do you think an aviary for assisted living communities can benefit your residents and staff?

Customize your Own Aviary for Assisted Living

Each aviary for assisted living is custom-built to cater to each unique decor. You’ll help us design the overall size, dimensions, materials, and colors for your bird aviary. You’ll also receive a full suite of decor, a scenic backdrop image, and a collection of finches.

Our sister company, Custom Cages, builds all our aviaries for assisted living. Their long-standing reputation has helped us become industry leaders in the aviary manufacturing and servicing industries. Visit our About Page to learn more.

Or, contact us today to start configuring an aviary for your assisted living community!

Simple Aviary Maintenance

The staff in your assisted living community have many daily tasks. As such, they should not be tasked with cleaning and maintaining an aviary.

We provide routine cleaning and maintenance for all our aviaries in assisted living communities. We provide services in 40 states across the US, with over 50 service techs in each state. Our wide reach allows us to be consistently on time, effective, and helpful for our nationwide clients.

We offer multiple aviary service packages, depending on the size of your aviary and the frequency of service visits.

What are the Costs of a Serenity Aviary

By leasing an aviary through Serenity, you won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars upfront.

You’ll get a spacious bird aviary, all the equipment, decor, finches, food replenishment, and routine cleaning services for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee. Prices may vary depending on how elaborate your setup is, along with your chosen service frequency.

If you’re interested in a new aviary for your assisted living community, reach out today for your free consultation!

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