Aquariums for Nursing Homes

Did you know that only 2% of all skilled nursing homes in the United States have a Serenity Aquarium?

You typically won’t find a large aquarium in average nursing homes because they aren’t cheap. So, what is it that sets these select homes apart from the rest of the crowd? What is the benefit that justifies the investment in an aquarium?

Proven Results

There have been many studies on the impact of pets and aquariums in long-term care facilities. These studies show the benefits of having a large fish tank for both residents and staff. Nonetheless, we’ll let you be the judge if the benefits outweigh the costs of having an aquarium.

Aquariums Reduce Disruptive Behavior

Irrational and disruptive behaviors are a few challenges faced in memory care units. To ensure a more calming, homelike atmosphere, researchers sought to reduce such behaviors. Purdue University conducted a study on this and discovered some important evidence. They found that interaction with aquariums caused a significant decline in disruptive behaviors. This also resulted in increased resident cooperation. 

Aquariums Increase Job Satisfaction

It is common to see job satisfaction decline among staff in memory care units and nursing homes. Many daily challenges wear on these caregivers. Research has found that aquariums in nursing homes can cause an increase in job satisfaction. In the same study by Purdue University, they analyzed the staff’s satisfaction score. After introducing a fish tank, researchers found a significant rise in job satisfaction throughout.

Aquariums Improve Nutritional Intake

Another challenge affecting many nursing home residents is poor nutritional intake. In another study conducted by Purdue University, an aquarium was tested as a solution. Nutritional intake increased by more than 20% after an aquarium got introduced. This led to more residents maintaining and/or adding healthy weight. 

Aquariums Boost Resident’s Sleep

Residents in memory care units often experience difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. We will again reference Purdue University’s study. After introducing the aquarium, research data displayed significant improvement in residents’ quality of sleep.

The Value of an Aquarium

An aquarium’s value is not defined by dollars and cents. Instead, it is the effect it has on the people interacting with it. The mental health of residents and staff must be a priority for a nursing home to thrive.

Sure, you can hang a TV on the wall and call it entertainment, but you’d never call it “therapy”.

There is no replacement for the presence of real, live fish right in front of you. You may not see attributable profits on a balance sheet, but the delight of an aquarium will be felt throughout your facility.

Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services Aquarium

An Aquarium can be Easier than you Think

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining a large aquarium for your nursing home may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, we make it almost effortless for you.

We offer various aquarium style options. From sizes, to materials, to colors, to fish and accessories, we will work with you to create the perfect solution for your décor and needs. So, yes, our custom aquariums look amazing, but it’s our patented features that our clients love.

We like to say, “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new friends”. We believe aquarium maintenance is our problem, not yours. Because of our patented auto feeder extension and filtration system, you won’t tie up your staff caring for fish, instead of your residents.

On top of this, our all-inclusive service offers cleaning, water changing, fish replacement, equipment maintenance, and filling the feeder, all for no extra charge.

The best part is you get a world-class aquarium at no up-front cost. A fish tank of this size and quality would typically cost several thousand dollars, in addition to the ongoing maintenance costs. We build, install, fill, stock, and maintain your new aquarium for a consistent, low monthly fee.

Why a Serenity Aquarium

We’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of administrators from top nursing homes in the country. See why Keith from Snyder Nursing Home, and others like him, trust Serenity USA to provide exceptional aquariums and services.

If you would like to see what our aquariums look like in different settings, you can browse our aquarium gallery.

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