serenity service rep cleaning dirty existing aquarium

Aquarium Cleaning Service Cost: Are the Pros Worth It?

Aquarium cleaning is a difficult task. Especially in offices and healthcare facilities.

Should you hire an aquarium service provider? Many companies do it, but do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Read this short blog and decide for yourself!

(4 minute read)

5 Effective Algae Eater Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Discover why algae eater fish are so popular in freshwater aquariums!

Heralded for their ability to consume algae, they contribute to the natural filtration in a tank.

Read further for a deeper dive into these benefits and also see some of the most popular freshwater algae eater fish!

(5 minute read)

7 Easy Ways to Control Algae in a Fish Tank

Say goodbye to a constantly dirty fish tank with our guide on algae control!

Learn about the causes of algae, proven techniques to keep your aquarium clear, and why a little bit of algae is actually a good thing!

(6 minute read)

What to Expect for Your Aviary Installation

After we build your aviary, we will deliver and install it at your business or healthcare community!

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for an aviary installation, how long it should take, and the activities included.

(3 minute read)

Commercial Aquarium Installation: What to Expect

Our services go beyond aquarium upkeep. We also deliver and provide free installation of your aquarium!

Keep reading to learn about our aquarium installation process, along with how you can prepare for our visit to your facility!

(3 minute read)

serenity service rep cleaning an existing aviary

What to Expect on Your First Aviary Cleaning

Are you wondering what to expect during our first aviary cleaning visit?

Here, you’ll learn how to prepare for our first visit, along with the main activities we perform on your aviary.

(3 minute read)

Serenity service technician cleaning aquarium sump system

What to Expect on your First Aquarium Cleaning

If your aquarium is all set up, you’re probably anticipating your first aquarium cleaning.

How can your prepare for our first visit? What are the main activities we perform on your aquarium?

Read on to learn more!

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