Aquariums for Restaurants

The age-old question: How can I create the best dining experience for my customers?

There are many answers to this question, but few are as captivating as a Serenity Aquarium.

That’s why, week after week, restaurant managers contact us about a fish tank for their dining area.

aquarium in the bar of a restaurant

Your customers are looking for good food, good service, and a delightful ambiance.

And if you’re looking to enhance that ambiance, a Serenity Aquarium will do just that.

Our sister company, Custom Aquariums, handcrafts the highest-quality glass aquariums on the market.

At Serenity, we’ve become the industry leader because of our fish tank cleaning services.

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Enhance your Dining Experience with a Fish Tank

aquarium in an empty old fashioned restaurant

If a picture says a thousand words, an aquarium never stops talking.

Restaurant aquariums are fascinating decorations.

If you want to create a memorable dining experience with your decor, an aquarium may be the perfect addition.

A fish tank of this quality adds a lot of character to a restaurant and your customers will take notice.

And how could they not? Brightly colored fish have a knack for attracting people’s attention.

Customize a Unique Aquarium for your Restaurant

aquarium in the corner of a restaurant with natural light

With your input, we’ll tailor an aquarium that fits the atmosphere you want to achieve.

You’ll help us decide on the size, material, and color for the exterior.

You’ll also receive some exotic fish and objects like rocks, plants, and substrate to complete your custom-built fish tank.

And how about a custom backdrop or water-jet glass etching to showcase your brand? We can do that too!

Hassel-Free Aquarium Maintenance

cleaning the glass on an aquarium

You may be thinking you won’t have time to manage a restaurant and maintain an aquarium, but we have you covered!

We offer all-inclusive service packages for our aquariums in restaurants.

Our packages include a fish tank cleaning service, maintenance, and health checks for your fish.

Your service tech will also replenish any materials like food, accessories, and equipment, if necessary.

We also provide delivery and installation for all our aquariums! You just have to let us know where to bring it!

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