group playing the drums in an assisted living community

Promote Social Engagement in Your Assisted Living Community

Social engagement is a very important, yet sometimes lacking, area of assisted living communities.

Why is social engagement so beneficial in assisted living?

What activities can you introduce right away that promote discussion and togetherness?

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6 Waiting Room Ideas to Create a Relaxing Environment

Medical clinics and dental offices can be a very stressful place, so how do you put your patients at ease?

By designing a relaxing, time-passing waiting room, you can put your patients in a relaxed mood before their procedure.

Read this post for 6 waiting room decor ideas to give your patients the most out of their visit!

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aquarium in the corner of a dining room

Can Watching Fish Improve Patient’s Nutritional Intake?

Relaxation and engagement are a few benefits associated with fish tanks in nursing homes.

But did you know that watching fish has the power to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their nutritional intake?

Learn how this phenomenon works and how you can implement it in your facility!

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8 Sensory Activities That Enhance the Lives of Dementia Patients

Discover the power of sensory activities in improving the quality of life for people with dementia.

This post explores the benefits of engaging the senses, offers practical ideas for activities.

We also provide insights into how sensory stimulation can promote relaxation, communication, and engagement for dementia patients.

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Serenity aviary in a nursing home

6 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Nursing Home

The benefits of nature in nursing homes can’t be overlooked.

This begs the question: What are the most effective natural decorations and what’re the easiest ways to implement them?

This post explores 6 natural elements, their benefits, and tips for implementing them in your nursing home.

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woman sitting with birman cat

Best Pets for Nursing Homes

Animals are great companions for nursing home residents, but some types and breeds are better in this setting than others.

Read on to see some recommended animals for nursing homes, along with methods to safely include them in your community.

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