Aquariums for Hotels

Trends are showing that hotel guests are spending less time in their rooms and more time in the lobby and other communal spaces.

As a result, interior designers are getting creative with their lobby layouts. They’re becoming more elaborate with more entertainment.

How are you differentiating your guest’s experience?

Our clients have done this by adding an elegant Serenity Aquarium.

These hotels enhanced their atmosphere and guest experience, without the need for expertise and time investment from their staff. They stay focused on assisting guests, and we take care of the aquarium.

A Decoration Every Guest can Enjoy

We know that people are spending more time in hotel lobbies. Regardless of their activity, they will enjoy the presence of a fish tank.

Maybe your guest is waiting for her friend to arrive. The fish tank will be a relaxing spot to sit by. Or, maybe a group of guests are drinking coffee before they take on their day. The aquarium will be the location they’re drawn to.

A fish tank is a living decoration that enhances your atmosphere and complements your distinguished brand. When hotels request a Serenity Aquarium, they don’t assume it will bring in a surplus of guests. Instead, their goal is to enrich the ambiance for the people that stay there.

A Unique Aquarium for your Lobby

All our aquariums for hotels are hand built by our sister company, Custom Aquariums. Custom Aquariums is the leading manufacturer of custom glass aquariums in the US. We build each unit from scratch in our state-of-the-art factory.

With your input, we’ll craft an aquarium to match your required size, style, and color scheme. Inside the tank, we offer colorful fish and some decorative accessories you can choose from. To finish your aquarium, browse our list of serene backgrounds, or request a personalized backdrop.

Simple Aquarium Maintenance

Aquariums for hotels sound great, but what about maintenance? And making sure your fish are healthy?

We take care of that for you.

We offer inclusive service programs at no additional charge. With hundreds of service technicians located throughout the US, we’re more local than you think. Our service packages include fish tank cleaning, maintenance, and health checks for your fish. Also, we provide materials like food, equipment, and other accessories.

But that’s not all…

We offer free delivery and installation for our aquariums. So, for the life of your fish tank, you’ll rarely lift a finger!

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