Aviaries for Banks

Your members may not expect a memorable experience at your bank, but what if they could?

Instead of your employees hearing generic background music all day, what if they could listen to enchanting bird songs?

The banks we work with had similar questions in mind, and that’s why they reached out for a Serenity Aviary. Aviaries for banks are pleasant surprises for visitors and it creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the people that work there.

Bird Aviaries for Banks are Memorable

When you think of your bank’s décor, does anything stand out? Does it offer a memorable and unique experience for visitors?

A custom-made bird aviary with happily singing birds may provide that memorable experience, that is otherwise missing in many banks.

Plus, research shows that bird encounters, and nature in general, can make us feel happier and more relaxed.

And if your employees’ moods improve, it’s likely the services they provide will, too.

Craft A Unique Bird Aviary for your Bank

All our enclosures are fabricated by our sister company, Custom Cages. They are the largest build-to-order aviary manufacturer in the US. With over two decades of experience, we’ve built and continue to service numerous bird aviaries for banks across the country.

With your help, we’ll craft your aviary with the dimensions, size, and color scheme that you need. Inside the unit, we offer you a variety of colorful birds and accessories to keep them entertained. To finish your custom design, you can browse our list of scenic backgrounds and additional accessories.

Simple Aviary Maintenance

When you lease a bird aviary from Serenity, you get more than just a hand-crafted enclosure. You get peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your wonderful birds without the extra work.

We offer comprehensive service programs for each of our aviaries for banks. Plus, we have service reps located in 40 states throughout the US, so we’re more local than you think.

These plans include routine cleaning, maintenance, and health checks for your birds. We also provide and replenish food, accessories, and equipment if necessary.

Also, we take care of delivery and installation. So, you get a world-class bird aviary with all-inclusive cleaning services for no up-front cost and a low monthly fee.

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