Aquariums for Offices & Lobbies


Have you ever considered the relaxing benefits of an aquarium for your office?

Whether you’ve felt it or not, studies have shown amazing mental and physical benefits of aquariums for offices and lobbies.

Many of our clients requested a Serenity Aquarium because they thought it would look nice in their lobby or office space. Now they understand the amazing atmosphere that a fish tank creates. Employees feel less stressed, are more productive, and enjoy working near the fish.

Clients who put an aquarium in their lobby are getting similar results. Visitors to their businesses feel the fish tank’s calming effects and have a better perception of the culture of their company.

Enrich your Visitor Experience with a Fish Tank

Your lobby is the face of your company and the place for successful first impressions. Based on their lobby experience alone, visitors will make assumptions about your products, services, and/or the quality of your brand.

You want people to feel as comfortable as possible in your lobby, and aquariums contribute to that feeling. Observing a fish tank is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and have an overall calming effect on people.

An industry report by Proxyclick found that about 40% of people say their perception of a company or brand has been negatively impacted by a poor lobby experience. Knowing this, companies are finding ways to enhance their décor to improve their visitor experience.

Our elegant tanks and their radiant fish create a delightful atmosphere. And as visitors wait in your lobby, aquariums offer a pleasant distraction to relax and brighten moods.

Make a Fish Tank Unique to your Brand

Through our sister company, Custom Aquariums, we will craft an aquarium that matches your décor. You may personalize the size, dimensions, color scheme, and receive some vibrant fish for your tank.

You can also showcase your brand in our aquariums! Choose from our list of scenic backgrounds or customize your own. Plus, you may request a water-jet glass etching to display your company name, logo, and more.

Hassel-Free Aquarium Maintenance

Continuous maintenance on an aquarium may sound like a lot of extra work for your employees.

But not when you lease a Serenity Aquarium.

We offer all-inclusive service programs for no additional charge. We have over 50 service technicians located in 40 states throughout the country, so we’re never too far away. Our programs include a regular fish tank cleaning service, maintenance, and in-depth health checks for your fish. We also provide and replenish materials like food, accessories, and equipment, if necessary.

We will also deliver and install our aquariums for offices and lobbies. So, for the life of your fish tank, you’ll rarely have to lift a finger!

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