Aquariums for Banks

How do you create a welcoming atmosphere in your bank?

How do you differentiate your bank’s interior from your competitors?

Interior decorations in banks are generally simple and don’t attract a lot of attention, but what if yours were different?

Our clients asked these same questions, and that’s why they added a Serenity Aquarium to their space.

Give your Loyal Members a Delightful Atmosphere

Your members aren’t asking for much from your bank’s decor, but why not give them more than they asked for?

Since a majority of banks provide similar services to the general public, it’s important to differentiate elsewhere.

A great way to set yourself apart is to create a more enjoyable ambiance in your interior. Many studies have shown relaxing effects from observing fish tanks, and your members can benefit from that as they wait in line.

View an aquarium as a decorative piece that enhances your brand image and visitor experience. Your desire to create a natural, amusing, and relaxing environment will not go unnoticed by members or employees.

Create an Aquarium Unique to your Bank

All our aquariums are fabricated by our sister company, Custom Aquariums. They are the leading manufacturer of custom glass aquariums in the United States.

We will handcraft your unit from the ground up. With your help, we’ll fabricate the size, material, dimensions, and color. You will also receive a number of exotic fish and accessories like rocks, plants, and substrate to complete your custom-built fish tank.

Would you like to display your company name or logo on your fish tank? Request a custom photo-realistic background to finish your aquarium design.

Minimal Fish Tank Maintenance

You may be thinking you don’t have the time to deal with maintaining an aquarium, and you might be right.

But don’t worry. We take care of it all for you!

We offer aquarium cleaning service plans for a low monthly fee. Our programs include routine cleaning, maintenance, and health checks for your fish. We also replenish any materials free of charge, like food, accessories, equipment, and fish, if necessary.

We’ll also deliver and install your aquarium for no additional charge!

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