Shaft-Tail Finch or Long Tailed Finch

Meet the Shaft-Tail Finch, one of the many beautiful birds in our aviaries.

Here, you can learn about their physical appearance, natural habitat, behavior, and breeding habits.

We also discuss proper care for them, so take a look if you plan to have your own Shaft-Tail Finches.

couple outside watching birds

New Study on Bird Encounters and Mental Wellbeing

According to newly published research, the sights and sounds of birds can actually improve our mental wellbeing.

How did they discover this? How can we use this data to our advantage?

Keep reading to find out.

green singer finch

Green Singer Finch

Welcome to the first post of our blog series: The Finches of Serenity!

This post talks all about the African Green Singer Finch.

If you want to learn about its natural habitat, physical appearance, behaviors, and how to properly care for them, we encourage you to read further!