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The Strawberry Finch

Welcome to Part 3 of The Finches of Serenity!

This is our blog series about the delightful birds that call our aviaries, home.

Today, we’ll discuss the vibrant and friendly Strawberry Finch.


Other Common Names for Strawberry Finches

  • Red Avadavat
  • Red Munias
  • Red Waxbill
  • Scarlet Amandava
  • Indian Strawberry
  • Tiger Finch

In this post, you’ll learn about their natural habitat, physical appearance, behavior, breeding habitats, proper care for them, and more!

Strawberry Finch Natural Habitat


Where are Strawberry Finches found?

Strawberry Finches live in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Some populations have also been introduced in the tropical islands of Hawaii and Fiji.

As such, the Strawberry Finch’s ideal habitat is in tropical areas with tall grass, open meadows, and gardens, usually located near water.

Physical Characteristics of Strawberry Finches

Both male and female Strawberry Finches grow around three to four inches from beak to tail.

Outside of the mating season, the feathers of both sexes have a dull brown color on their back, wings, and tails.

Their underside is a creamy, off-white color.

Their eyes are bright red, with females having a black stripe from their eyes to their beaks.

For both sexes, beak color changes by the season.

During the winter months, their beaks darken and turn black.

In the summer, they become bright red.

Also for both sexes, their plumage becomes much more vibrant during the breeding months.

What’s the Strawberry Finch male-female difference? Read on for more!

Male Strawberry Finch Characteristics (Breeding Season)


During mating season, male strawberry finches take on an intense color transformation.

Their feathers develop a deep scarlet color over a majority of their bodies.

Their wings and tail turn dark brown, and they develop white spots along their sides, wings, and tails.

This beautiful transformation is one reason the Strawberry Finch is so popular in our aviaries.

Female Strawberry Finch Characteristics (Breeding Season)


Hens will alter their appearance for the mating season, but it’s less profound than the males.

Most of their bodies remain brown, but their lower bellies change to a bright yellow-orange color.

You may also see some white spots on their wings and a hint of red at the base of their tail.

Bird Song of a Strawberry Finch

Now you know what they look like, but do you know what a Strawberry Finch sounds like?

Play this short video to find out!

Behavior and Temperament of a Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finches are generally docile and have bubbly personalities, but they can show aggression in certain situations.

In the wild, they’re particularly calm for most of the year and travel in small groups of their own species.

But, like most animals, they become more aggressive and territorial during the breeding season.

They’re territorial of their nests and also known to show aggression towards species that are similar in appearance.

So in a mixed aviary, for example, they should only be paired with species of different physical appearances.

Breeding Habits of Strawberry Finches


The Strawberry Finch breeding season begins in October and lasts into February.

The hen will lay about six eggs per clutch and undergo a 13-day incubation period.

After hatching, fledglings will remain in the nest for at least 3 weeks.

After 1 to 2 months, the fledglings will be weaned out of the nest.

At this stage, conflict can arise between the parents and their fledglings.

If the parent finches decide to mate again, they become particularly aggressive towards their fledglings.

So for the safety of all the birds, the young finches should be carefully removed and placed in another aviary.

This allows the parent finches to breed once more.

We offer mating pairs for our clients, but they don’t come standard with a Serenity Aviary.

If you’d like a breeding pair, contact us for more information.

Care Guide for a Strawberry Finch

Proper Aviary Design

Aviary Size

The first problem hobbyists make is getting a cage that’s too small.

The limited room will cause stress, agitation, and aggression in Strawberry Finches.

How big should a finch aviary be?

We recommend having 2 square feet of floor space per finch in an aviary.

We offer many aviary sizes and orientations that give birds ample room to fly and designate their own territory.

Before we build anything, we’ll determine the best size and dimensions for a company’s interior.

Then, we’ll decide on the appropriate number of finches for that custom aviary.

Aviary Shape

Because Strawberry Finches exercise by flying back and forth, the length of their enclosure is more important than the height.

You should also avoid using rounded edges for the aviary, as this removes some of their available space.

Aviary Materials

Chewing and ingesting materials is an issue for many aviaries.

To avoid this, the structure should be free of softwood, paint, untreated steel, and soft plastics.

By using high-grade materials, our Serenity Aviaries don’t allow for chewing or ingestion.

These structures are made from solid oak, stainless steel wire, anodized aluminum, high-grade laminate panels, and acrylic or glass windows.

Aviary Features

For an aviary housing Strawberry Finches, you’ll need food and water access, ventilation, adequate internal lighting and heating, among other accessories.

Each of our aviaries comes with these features, and we’ll perform regular maintenance and food replenishment on each service visit.

We also offer many additional accessories for your and your finch’s benefit.

Customize Your Own Strawberry Finch Aviary

We work with each client to learn about their facility and its space requirements.

Then we discuss your preferred dimensions and overall aviary design.

Finally, we’ll decide on the appropriate number of birds that best fit the enclosure.

Each bird aviary is custom-made in our state-of-the-art woodworking factory.

Below are some of our popular aviary colors you can choose from.

Black and white are our contemporary finishes, and if you’d like a different hardwood color than what you see below, you can reach out to us here.

Keeping Strawberry Finches with Other Birds

Since Strawberry Finches get aggressive with similar-looking birds, we populate their space with a variety of species.

Not only will it give your cage some diverse colors, but it’ll make life easier for all your finches.

After all, finches are typically much happier in enclosures when they have some fellow bird companions.

If there are frequent quarrels between birds, adjustments may have to be made to the aviary.

Below are some methods for reducing aggression among birds:

  • Make sure your birds are not overcrowded
  • Add visual barriers in the enclosure
  • Remove the aggressors to a new aviary and pair them with more pushy finches
  • Remove injured finches and pair them in a new aviary with compatible finches
  • Place multiple perches and nests at the same height so birds don’t fight for the highest perch

If you have a Serenity Aviary, however, just give us a call, and we’ll help remedy the situation.

Fresh Food and Water

In the wild, Strawberry Finches will eat mostly grass seeds, but they may also feed on certain insects like termites.

Insects are a good food source during the breeding season, as they offer extra nutrients like protein.

An adequate diet for a pet Strawberry Finch should consist of a small seed mixture of millets and grass seeds.

You must also include a water source for bathing and another for drinking.

To keep your finches healthy, any food and water dishes should be cleaned and refilled each day.

Infinity Feeder and Watering System

Now, what if you could keep your birds fed and watered for weeks without the daily tasks?

Our Infinity Feeder makes this possible.


We include this feeding and watering system with each aviary.

This system holds food longer and keeps water cleaner than any product in the industry.

And with an aviary lease through Serenity, you won’t even have to refill the system.

We provide all the food for your birds, and the Infinity Feeder holds more than enough to last between service visits.

Then we refill it for you.

How much time and money could that save you?

Functional Décor for Strawberry Finches

Lastly, you’ll need some decor for a happy Strawberry Finch.

Birds don’t need a lot of accessories to be happy, but why not give them more than they asked for?

Whether you want to design an elaborate aviary or not, the most essential products to include are:

  • Branches
  • Swings
  • Nests
  • Toys

Branches and Swings

Swings and branches offer entertainment, exercise, a spot to perch, and a way to establish territory.

A bonus is that by landing on these horizontal branches, they naturally trim their claws.

Our finches love flying from wall to wall, racing their companions to different swings and branches.

Spots for perching are an integral part of their natural habitat, so we recommend including as many as space allows.


As for nests, Strawberry Finches will use them for resting, hiding, establishing territory, and breeding (If you have a breeding pair).


Nests are needed 100% of the time in an aviary.

And Strawberry Finches will find comfort in wicker nests, which you see in the image above.

We offer these with our Serenity Aviaries, but you can also find inexpensive wicker nests online or at local pet stores.


Toys are not a requirement in an aviary, but they’re always recommended.

Adding a hanging toy or two will only benefit the mental health of the finches.


Boredom can cause agitation, feather picking, and aggression among Strawberry Finches.

A few toys in their space can prevent this behavior and improve their lives, both physically and mentally.

There are many toys available for Strawberry Finches, so if you have the space and budget, consider giving your birds a little extra entertainment.

Ongoing Aviary Cleaning and Maintenance

By leasing through Serenity, the installation and ongoing maintenance will be taken care of for you.

You’ll get an elegant bird enclosure, a collection of finches, a full suite of proprietary products, and routine cleaning services for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.

Without Serenity Services, you have several things to do to keep your Strawberry Finches happy and healthy:

  • Sanitize and replenish food and water sources.
  • Remove and replace bedding.
  • Clean droppings tray.
  • Wipe down all surfaces.
  • Scrub all cracks and crevices.
  • Sanitize and rotate accessories.
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the enclosure.

If you have any questions about our aviaries or how to care for your Strawberry Finches, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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