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Thank you for contacting Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services! Are you a contractor (ie: builder, architect or interior designer, etc.) and interested in offering our products to your customers?

We can work with you to create a built-in custom aquarium or aviary for your clients’ facility. Our leasing packages cost nothing up front for the customer. We do all the installation, and provide the aquarium/aviary as well as ongoing all-inclusive service for a flat monthly fee. Please keep us in mind for any upcoming projects!

We have generous contractor incentives for any new business generated. And starting at $99.95/mo it doesn’t cost as much as you think! Interested? Give us a call, or fill out the information below.

We have informational brochures we can provide for you and your customers, and we would be happy to explain more about what we have to offer for our service.

Please enter your information below and we will mail you our contactor literature packet, complete with full color pictures and pricing information. Please note: this information is for contractors only. If you are a non-contractor business or a private residence, please request information here:

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